Does Kurapika Defeat The Phantom Troupe?

Who killed hisoka?

After his revival, Hisoka recreates his missing limbs using both Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise.

Chrollo will be gathering the Phantom Troupe on board the Black Whale to steal the treasures of the Kakin royal family.

Hisoka kills Kortopi and Shalnark..

How old is Illumi Zoldyck?

He is the oldest child of the five Zoldyck children. He is currently around the the age of 24 years and is with that 5 years older than his brother Milluki, and by 14 years older than the youngest brother Kalluto. He was ten years old as Killua was born.

Is kurapika stronger than Gon?

4 Stronger Than Gon: Kurapika One of the members of the famous Kurta Clan, Kurapika is a formidable enemy for anyone in Hunter x Hunter. Being one of the 12 Zodiacs, he possesses great skill in Nen and its usage. … As such, Kurapika is slightly stronger than Gon, with the potential of getting even stronger over time.

Why can’t the Phantom Troupe kill kurapika?

3 Answers. Kurapika placed his judgement chain on the Chrollo Lucifer, the Phantom Troupe’s leader. … Well because they want nothing to do with Kurapika anymore! If the person who placed a Nen dies, his Nen becomes much stronger after death, and a much more powerful Nen exorcist would be required in order to remove it.

Does hisoka kill the Phantom Troupe?

He leaves the group when Chrollo’s Nen is sealed by Kurapika and sets out to find a way to break the seal. Having been successful in this task, Hisoka dies after fighting Chrollo in Heavens Arena, but revives himself, and goes on a killing rampage against the Phantom Troupe.

Who kills the Phantom Troupe?

Silva ZoldyckAt some point prior to the Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City, Silva Zoldyck killed Troupe member #8 of the Troupe and fought with Chrollo Lucilfer. The outcome of the fight between them is unknown, although both survived with no apparent after-effects.

How many Phantom Troupe members does kurapika kill?

128 membersSix weeks later, while Kurapika was away, the Kurta Clan was approached by the Phantom Troupe and massacred, their eyes sold on the black market. The news reported the death of all 128 members of the Kurta Clan and of scores of dead bodies with eyes gouged out in their wake.

Can hisoka beat Chrollo?

2 Can Defeat Chrollo: Hisoka People remember him as someone who challenged Chrollo and lost the fight. … Furthermore, it is likely that Chrollo secretly received help from the members of the Troupe in this fight, which is how he was able to defeat Hisoka in the first place. In a fair fight, Hisoka would win.

Does kurapika kill the Phantom Troupe?

Eventually, they discovered that Kurapika killed Uvogin and went after him, but captured Gon and Killua instead. … During the exchange, Kurapika put a blade on Chrollo’s heart, preventing him from using his Nen and/or contacting the other Phantom Troupe members.

Who is the strongest Phantom Troupe member?

Here are the 10 strongest members of the Phantom Troupe in Hunter x Hunter.3 Feitan Portor.4 Illumi Zoldyck. … 5 Uvogin. … 6 Phinks Magcub. … 7 Nobunaga Hazama. … 8 Franklin Bordeau. … 9 Machi Komacine. … 10 Shalnark. Shalnark was once a licensed Hunter, but he joined the Phantom Troupe later on in his life. … More items…•

Who is killua’s girlfriend?

kiyomikiyomi(the girlfriend of killua)

Who did kurapika kill?

UvoginHunter X hunter 2011 Kurapika kills Uvogin – YouTube.

Does kurapika get his eyes back?

6 on the throne. Kurapika is obviously angry and after some shouting, Pairo begins to fight him, while Illumi takes Gon and Killua. … Kurapika cradles Pairo as he replies he did have fun, and gets his eyes back.

Who can beat kurapika?

Among the protagonists of the series, Leorio is, undoubtedly, the weakest one. His Nen ability has barely been focused on but it has been implied that he’s much weaker than Kurapika in terms of combat. For him to be able to defeat Kurapika, he’d have to train much harder than he currently is.

Is kurapika a girl?

Yoshihiro Togashi has his way with confusing people about his characters sex. (Gender) Kurapika is a male, said by Togashi himself, but is constantly called a female. In the original Japanese adaptation, Kurapika is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, whom is female.

Why didnt hisoka kill Gon?

During the Hunter Exams, Hisoka played Shinigami and killed the hunter applicants who he deemed “unqualified.” He spared Gon from his wrath because Gon “qualified,” and even though Leorio got bopped with an uppercut, Hisoka spared him as well.