How Do I Get To Path Of Fire?

Do I get heart of thorns with PATH OF FIRE?

Q: Is Heart of Thorns included when I buy Path of Fire.

A: Yes.

As of August 30th, all purchases of Path of Fire will include the Heart of Thorns expansion as well.

Users who purchased the Path of Fire expansion prior to August 30th will also receive receive Heart of Thorns free of charge when logging into the game..

How many chapters is path of fire?

eight chaptersThe story details the humble beginnings as a local hero to commander of the Pact in the fight against Zhaitan. The story is split into eight chapters. The story as a whole must be played through in order, and no part of the story can be replayed.

How do I get to path of fire map?

You begin by going to your Hero panel. From there, you select your story journal. Under that, you will find the Path of Fire story on the left side of the menu screen. Choosing it will give you the option to start the expansion.

How much does Path of Fire cost?

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will launch on Sept. 22, and pre-orders for the expansion are live now. It is available on its own for $29.99 or bundled with Heart of Thorns for $49.99.

How do you get the raptor mount gw2?

The Raptor is unlocked in the course of the first Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire story mission, Sparking the Flame. Characters below level 80 can unlock this mount, and gain access to the Crystal Desert, by joining the story mission instance of a level 80 character.

How do I get to the desert highlands gw2?

The Desert Highlands can be reached by using the Diviner’s Gate, located to the north of Crystal Oasis. Following the road leading from Elona Reach to the Diviner’s Passage leads to the gate. The gate is used during The Sacrifice story step, but it can be used to enter the map prior to starting the story.

How do you get a bunny in gw2?

To get a Springer mount, you need to unlock the third Raptor Mastery called Canyon jumping, so that you can get to the Springer mount area in Desert Highlands. You will also need 50 Trade Contracts + 1gold to buy it from Stablemaster Unja. Complete the heart to get her to sell it to you.

Where is crystal oasis gw2?

Crystal Oasis is zone located in Crystal Desert Region of Tyria in Guild Wars 2 Video Game. To get to Crystal Oasis, you will require to have GW2 core game and Path of Fire expansion pack. Crystal Oasis Zone is suitable for heroes at experience level 80. You can find Sand Lion Pet in Crystal Oasis.

How do you get to the Tomb of Primeval Kings?

The ruins can be reached by approaching the “Chaos Rift” in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings outpost, which can be reached from the Dragon’s Lair outpost in the Crystal Desert. Accordingly, only characters who have completed Augury Rock can reach ToPK.