Is Back Billing Legal?

What is energy back billing?

A back bill is a catch-up bill sent by a gas or electricity supplier when you have not been correctly charged for your energy use.

You cannot be charged for gas or electricity used more than 12 months ago if you have not been correctly billed by a supplier..

How do I complain to Ofgem?

You can do so by:Email: 020 7901 7295.

How far back can British Gas charge?

12 monthsWhen do the back billing rules apply? Back-billing can be for any amount, but is limited to 12 months from finding an error to a corrected bill being issued. Under the Ofgem back billing rules, you can’t be charged for any unbilled energy used more than 12 months ago.

Do bulbs have meter readers?

You can submit meter readings in your Bulb account. … You can also submit meter readings using the Bulb app. And for most types of meter, the Bulb app can submit your reading for you using your phone’s camera. Find out what to do if you’re not sure how to read your meter.

Do you have to give meter readings?

It’s not compulsory to send in meter readings, but your bill will be more accurate if you do. Your electricity and/or gas meter is read 4 times a year, so we rely on estimates outside of these times to calculate your bill.

What does back billing mean?

A back charge is a billing made to collect an expense incurred in a previous billing period. It can be due to lack of payment by the recipient of services or goods, an adjustment due to an error, or to collect an expense that was not billable until a later period due to timing issues.

What do I do if my energy bill is too high?

You’re charged a different amount depending on when you use your energy. It’s usually more expensive during the day and cheaper at night. If your bill is higher than expected, the first thing to do is contact your supplier and ask them to check your meter is set up properly.

What is estimated billing?

Estimated bills usually happen when the meter reader is unable to read you meter or does not provide your meter data to us. The estimate of your usage is based on your property’s previous usage pattern. Estimated bills have the words “Estimated Reading” printed on the front page.

What happens if you don’t give meter readings?

If you don’t send your supplier regular meter readings, it will create an estimated bills based on what it thinks you have used. This could be more or less than your actual usage, which will lead to you paying the wrong amount and either being in debt or credit to your supplier.

How many electricity distribution companies are in Nigeria?

elevenThere are eleven (11) traditional electricity distribution companies (“Discos”) in Nigeria operating across the thirty-six (36) states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Apart from the Eko Distribution Company Plc. and the Ikeja Distribution Plc., about every Disco operates across three (3) to four (4) states.

How often should I do meter readings?

every three monthsAs a minimum, you should provide meter readings every three months. Ideally, though, once per month is ideal, to make sure your energy costs are always accurate, particularly during the winter months. But, there’s nothing stopping you providing meter readings as often as you like.

How do I contact NERC?

Contact UsCustomer Complaints Unit, NERC.Email: 09 462 1414 & 09 462 1424.

Does Nigeria have electricity?

Electricity in Nigeria is generated through thermal and hydro power sources. The main source of electricity generation comes from fossil fuels especially gas which accounts for 86% of the capacity in Nigeria with the remainder generated from hydropower sources.

Which energy supplier is best for 2020?

Here we look at the best energy companies in 2020:1 – Octopus Energy.2 – Ebico.3 – Bulb Energy. Bulb Energy was rated as the joint-third best energy supplier in 2020, scoring five stars for both bill accuracy and complaints handling and four stars for each other category. … 3 – Pure Planet. … 5 – People’s Energy.

How long do I have to pay my EON bill?

within 14 daysAny payments made will show on the bill and the balance remaining must be paid promptly within 14 days of the bill date. There is no fixed amount or payment frequency agreed and we can simply issue you with a payment card that you can use at any of our wide network of payment outlets.