Question: Does My NYPL Card Expire?

What does the Libby app do?

Libby is a reading app for borrowing digital books and audiobooks from the library’s OverDrive collection.

This free app, created by OverDrive, is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10 devices.

Libby is highly recommended for those new to borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks..

Why does my library card expire?

Library cards will expire if not used for more than a year. MCPL wants to be sure that your contact information is up-to-date and that any fines or fees are paid. … Read more about why library cards expire. You can renew your library account from your account online.

Can anyone get a NYC library card?

Even though the library’s 92 physical locations are closed, people who live, work, attend school or own property in New York state can still get a library card. That means they can access thousands of e-books, audiobooks, historical manuscripts, photographs, maps and other online resources the library offers.

What does privilege has expired mean?

What does “Privilege Has Expired” mean? This message means your library card has expired and needs to be renewed. … Full Access Library Cards cannot be renewed online.

Can anyone use the Rose Reading Room?

The Library is committed to preserving these historic destinations so that they remain accessible and inspirational to all for generations to come. You can honor someone special in your life by dedicating a chair or table to them in the iconic Rose Main Reading Room.

How many times can you renew a book NYPL?

You may renew circulating items up to 10 times. Please note express titles cannot be renewed.

How do I pay my NYPL fine?

Fines can be paid at any New York Public Library branch in cash, U.S. Postal money order or personal check. To facilitate processing, include your library card number in the note/memo field of any check or money order mailed.

Can I join a library in a different borough?

Anyone can join a library as long as they have proof of address in the relevant borough.

What happens if you lose your library card?

Answered By: the Public Library You may also report your card lost or stolen in person or by calling the nearest library branch. You can replace your library card by completing a new application and bringing it (with ID and proof of address) to the library for no charge.

Can I get a New York public library card online?

Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays property taxes in New York State is eligible to receive a New York Public Library card free of charge. … Adult and teen users may either apply online or in person at any New York Public Library location or Library-sponsored event.

How do I get a New York public library card?

HOW CAN YOU APPLY FOR A LIBRARY CARD? For residents of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island: apply online at html or in person at any NYPL location or library-sponsored event in Manhattan, the Bronx, or Staten Island.

Do you need a library card to use Libby?

Yes, you’ll need a library card for each library you want to borrow from. You can add multiple libraries to Libby, and you can even add multiple cards for each library.

Can I use someone else’s library card?

Generally, sharing cards is against the policies of most public libraries. You should ask about a replacement card, and what the policies are on sharing cards.

How often do you have to renew a library card?

Your library membership lasts one year. It’s important that you renew your library card as once it expires you won’t be able to borrow, renew or reserve books and you won’t be able to use online services.

Do EPL cards expire?

Digital Content (including eBooks & eAudiobooks) Indigenous Persons living on a reserve (e.g. Enoch) or Métis settlement can get full EPL membership benefits such as: No membership fee. No card expiration date for adult cards. Full access to physical and online collections and more.

Can a non resident get a NYC library card?

You do not need to be a resident of New York to get a NYPL library card. However, cards for non-residents are only valid for 3 months, whereas cards for residents are valid for 3 years. Note that there are 2 different links for visitors to NYC.

How do I renew my NYPL card?

If you live in the metro area, you will need to visit a library location to renew your card. Non-metro users can email Patron Account Management at with a copy of their photo ID and proof of address.

Can I renew my NYPL card online?

Renewing or Validating Your Library Card Expired cards must be renewed/validated before they can be used to borrow materials, download content from eNYPL or The Library’s online databases, or access Library computers. … Library cards cannot be renewed and contact/personal information cannot be updated by phone.