Question: How Do You Use Idolize In A Sentence?

Is it Idolise or idolize?

As verbs the difference between idolise and idolize is that idolise is while idolize is to make an idol of, or to worship as an idol..

Why we should not idolize celebrities?

Celebrities are in positions in which they may possess talent, but this is not a reason to idolize them. … Celebrities tend not to reveal their true selves to the public and put on a façade; we never get to see a celebrity’s true behavior.

What does between mean?

Licensed from iStockPhoto. adverb. The definition of between is the space between two points in position or time. An example of between is the space located in the middle of two people standing next to each other. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What is a good sentence for among?

Sentence Examples The bees were buzzing among the flowers. He smiled, revealing fangs among the neat row of white teeth. Iliana has been a favorite among them. The sailors divided his money among themselves; and the ship sailed on.

What happens when you idolize someone?

To idolize is to admire someone too much. A twelve year-old might idolize a pop star, for example, wallpapering her bedroom with photos of him and screaming loudly throughout his concerts. You can idolize someone you’ve never met, like a famous actor, and you can also idolize a friend or family member.

What does it mean to get acquitted?

Definition. At the end of a criminal trial, a finding by a judge or jury that a defendant is not guilty. An acquittal signifies that a prosecutor failed to prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt, not that a defendant is innocent.

What does it mean to acquit something?

to relieve from a charge of fault or crime; declare not guilty: They acquitted him of the crime. The jury acquitted her, but I still think she’s guilty. to release or discharge (a person) from an obligation.

What is the difference between and among?

Among—What’s the Difference? Use between when referring to one-to-one relationships. Use among when referring to indistinct or nonspecific relationships.

What does it mean to idolize someone?

English Language Learners Definition of idolize : to love or admire (someone) very much or too much.

Is it bad to idolize someone?

It can be unhealthy for you if you compare yourself against the false image of perfection and use it as a standard of measurement. It might be an effective motivator in the short term but it’s a standard you can never reach.

Can you idolize yourself?

To idolize yourself you have to be unapologetically you. Understand your weaknesses but ignore some of them by working to make yourself better, cherish the process of your personal development and see that happiness comes when you dwell more on what you have more than what you don’t have.

What is another word for acquitted?

Frequently Asked Questions About acquit Some common synonyms of acquit are absolve, exculpate, exonerate, and vindicate. While all these words mean “to free from a charge,” acquit implies a formal decision in one’s favor with respect to a definite charge.

What does it mean to idealize someone?

transitive verb. If you idealize something or someone, you think of them, or represent them to other people, as being perfect or much better than they really are. People idealize the past. Synonyms: romanticize, glorify, exalt, worship More Synonyms of idealize.

How do you use acquitted in a sentence?

Sentence ExamplesHe was acquitted, and a charge of bribery against him also proved unsuccessful.The High Court acquitted him, and criticism then fell upon the government.Though Gilbert was acquitted, the fact of his being brought to trial illustrates the growing spirit of suspicion.More items…

What are some things we idolize?

10 Things I Idolize When All I Need Is OneSocial Media. This is a pretty common idol in this day of age because technology is always improving, and it is a way of communication to my friends, family and anybody really. … Body Size. Pixabay. … My Grades. Pexels. … My Appearance. … Money. … What People Think of Me. … Amount of “Likes”/”Views” … Food.More items…•

What is difference between among and amongst?

Amongst: What’s the Difference? Amongst and among mean the same thing, but among is most common, particularly in American English. … Among is the older version of the word, tracing its roots back to Old English. Amongst appeared in Middle English.

How do I stop idolizing a girl?

Stop thinking of her, forget her, drop her from your mind, don’t call/ text/write/send smoke signals/anything her. If u find yourself thinking of her, STOP, and think of something else. If u meet her on street, be nice; wave, say hey, and keep walking. Be strict and diligent in these things, and you’ll soon be free.