Question: What Is 1e 03?

What does 1e 7 mean?

1e5 is 100000.

5 stand for the amount of zeros you add in behind that number.

For example, lets say I have 1e7.

I would put 7 zeros behind 1 so it will become 10,000,000.

But lets say that the number is 1.234e6..

What does 1e 9 mean?

1e-9 means. 10^-9. Or. 1/10^9.

What does 1e stand for?

E for exponential… its shorthand for *10^ So, 1e-04 OR 1 exponent -4 is the same as 1*10^-4.

What is 1e in math?

If you multiply 10 000 000 000 x 10 000 000 000 = the answer is too big so you will see 1e+20. which means one times ten to the power of 20 or 1.0 with the decimal point moved 20 places to the right. Watch the. calculator to.

What is 1e 12 as a number?

It is the C/C++ notation for scientific numbers and can be read as 1 * 10-12. Just use it this way in C++: double f = 1e-12; Permalink. Posted 16-Apr-12 1:47am.

What does 1e 06 mean?

Scientific notation is convenient for describing large numbers. The number after the “e” tells us how many zeros come after the number before the “e.” For example, 1e+06 means 1 followed by 6 zeros, hence 1000000.