Question: Where Are You Living Or Where Do You Live?

How do you ask someone where they live?

Asking where someone lives is a way to try to find something you have in common with the person you’re talking to – so if you’re familiar with the area the other person lives in, make some comments about it.

“That’s a really nice area”, or “The park there is really pretty”..

What is the best answer for where are you from?

Here are some typical responses:”I’m from here.” + [any of the sentences you provided].”I’m from here. I’ve lived here my whole life.””I’m from here. I was born here in Bankok, and I’ve lived here my whole life.””I was born here, and have lived here my whole/entire life.”

What is classified as living somewhere?

Resident is defined as living somewhere on a long-term basis or working somewhere in-house. … An example of a phrase using resident as an adjective is a resident expert on legal affairs, a lawyer who works in-house at a company.

Where are you living meaning?

“Where are you living?” is used when you have some knowledge of the residential history of the person to whom you are speaking; it throws the present residence into contrast with the previous residence(s).

What’s the difference between stay in and stay at?

Well, for me, “at” and “in” have distinctive difference. You can say, “I am now in the hotel” and “I am now at the hotel entrance.” When you say “in” you are generally inside the hotel. While “at” should be more specific.

What’s the difference between life and live?

Life is the existence of a living being. It is the period between birth and dead. Live is to remain alive, to exist.

Do you say I live in or I live at?

I live in an apartment. I live in a town house. I live in a condo.” “I live at” is used for a place that you live at.

Where is your home or house?

When we ask others it is always “Where is your house? ”. When we talk about ourselves then we say ‘I am going home’. House refers to the building made of bricks concrete etc. When we ask where is your house, we mean what is the address of your house?

Can we use at before city name?

If the city is conceived as a two-dimensional place in which to live and work, then in is the usual preposition. If, on the other hand, the city is conceived as a single point rather than as a place with dimensions, then at is the common choice.

Where do you live or where do you stay?

Where do you live? = What is your current address / country of residence. When I was younger I lived in Scotland, but now I am living in Germany. To stay is also a verb, but in this context if you stay somewhere it is temporary.

How long do you have to live somewhere to say you lived there?

Some say you live there if you feel like it’s your home. Some say if you’ve made money there. Others say it’s if you’ve stayed there for 30 days, buy a home, register a car or get a drivers license or id card. Others still say it’s 6 months.

What is the word where you live?

The place where you live — whether house, hotel, or mobile home — is where you reside.

What is considered living in the country?

If you live outside a city, town or even village then you live in the country. If you reside inside a city, town or village then you are not in the country. There are many area near the city that are suburbanized but technically not inside a municipality.

What is difference between with and by?

The key difference between With and By is that with is a preposition while by is used as a preposition, an adverb, an adjective and even a noun. … In active voice sentences, with often follows a noun in a sentence while by often follows a verb.

How do you answer Where do you live in English?

But to answer your question, Where do you live? is correct grammar. If you asked “Where do you live in?”, you would not only be redundant, but you would be ending the question with a preposition, which is grammatically incorrect. So to be correct, you should ask “Where do you live?”

What do you for living answer?

If you are in the midst of show-off former classmates, who are asking what you do for a living to judge how successful you’ve become, the best way to answer the question is to change the subject. Instead of saying what you do, tell them what you’re passionate about, and then ask what they love doing as well.

What is the different between in and at?

= used to show a specific location within a house. E.g. Please meet me in the library. = in refers to inside the library and at generally refers to meeting outside at the entrance (although English speakers can use both to mean the inside).