Question: Who Is Brok Weaver?

What tribe is Brok Weaver from?

MOWA Choctaw IndiansBut he was also chronicling the story of Weaver and his tribe, the MOWA Choctaw Indians, a process that was cathartic for the budding prizefighter.

“He had so much belief in me,” said Weaver..

Who won the Brok Weaver fight?

Fight History – ProResultFighterTimelossRoosevelt Roberts3:26winRodrigo Vargas4:02winDevin Smyth5:00winJames Freeman3:2717 more rows

What happened Brok Weaver?

The Mexican fighter suffered a disqualification loss at UFC on ESPN+ 25 after landing an illegal knee on opponent Brok Weaver. The knee was clearly outside the rules, as Weaver was sitting against the cage when Vargas’ knee connected on his chin. Weaver was rocked and was clearly hurt from the shot.

Did Brock Weaver win?

Return to Welterweight. Catchweight (160 lbs) bout. Welterweight bout. Catchweight (160 lbs) bout….Mixed martial arts record.Professional record breakdownhide21 matches15 wins6 lossesBy knockout21By submission33By decision821 more row