Quick Answer: How Do I Insert And Remove Flex?

How do you put a disc in a flex?

How do I insert and remove FLEX Disc?Wash your hands.

Find a position to insert your disc.

Pinch the disc in half and begin inserting it into the vaginal canal, making sure you are pushing the edge that goes in first down toward the floor so that it sits at an angle and fully covers the cervix.

Tuck the rim above your pubic bone.More items…•.

Why does my Flex Disc keep leaking?

Leaking when you use the bathroom is actually normal. When you use the bathroom, you push down on your pelvic muscles which causes the front edge of FLEX to come out a bit from behind your pubic bone so a little blood may come out too.

Can your menstrual cup get stuck?

Your vaginal canal is not an endless nor even a cavernous space; it’s actually pretty narrow with a comforting dead end at your cervix. Meaning? It is impossible for your cup to be swallowed up by your body or to get lost in there, so stop worrying! Once it’s in, there’s only one place for it to go – out.

Why are menstrual cups bad?

Incorrect use of menstrual cups could be resulting in some women suffering pelvic organ prolapse, the Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy wants some manufacturers to include better safety advice. Menstrual cups fit into the vagina and collect period blood.

How do I know if my Flex is inserted correctly?

If you can feel your menstrual disc inside of you, that’s a sign it’s not in all the way. We know this sounds weird, but when it’s inserted properly, you won’t even notice it’s there. You can always adjust or re-insert.

Can the Flex Cup get stuck?

If you’ve ever wondered: Can you get a menstrual cup stuck? The answer is yes, but you can totally get it out without asking your bestie for help (though many people have used a helper or a doctor to dislodge a stuck cup). While you might have a moment of panic, you’re going to be just fine.

Can you rinse and reuse Flex?

FLEX Disc is not reusable. FLEX Disc™ is a single-use, disposable menstrual product that has been tested and approved for up to 12 hours of wear. After 12 hours, you must remove FLEX Disc and dispose of the used disc in the waste bin, then you can insert a new one.

Can you wear Flex longer than 12 hours?

FLEX Disc should not be worn for more than 12 hours. After 12 hours, you must remove the disc, dispose of it, and insert a new one. Both menstrual discs and cups are regulated by the FDA; they have established that the maximum wear time for these products is 12hrs. We urge you to use our products as directed.

Is Flex better than softcup?

While Softdisc™ and FLEX™ share many of the same great benefits, the key difference between the two products has to do with fit and the materials used to make the product. … When the FLEX™ disc is inserted, the material of the rim warms and forms to the user’s unique shape, ensuring a perfect fit in 95% of women.

How do I take my flex off?

How do I remove FLEX Disc?Relax. … Sit over the toilet and bear down on your pelvic floor. … With a clean finger, hook the disc from under black rim in “come here” motion (or “come hither” if that’s more your style) and pull – be sure to keep FLEX horizontal to the floor to prevent any spillage.More items…

Can you pee with flex in?

Train mess-free with Gynie while using Flex? Unfortunately, no because when you squeeze your PC muscle the menstrual disc moves. This makes some of the blood from the disc empty. You will notice when you go to the bathroom to pee or poop, that you will see a toilet full of blood (depending on your flow).

Can a menstrual cup overflow?

In that regard, some leaking might be expected when you’re first getting the hang of it so you might want to wear a back-up pad. Once it’s inserted properly, however, leakage because of overflow is very rare. For most women, a menstrual cup can actually hold an entire cycle’s worth of period blood!