Quick Answer: Why Did My Robux Disappeared?

Can you give Robux without BC?

You don’t need to have robux to give bc, but the person who you’re going to give robux to, must have bc.

There is no way or either u join the roblox premium or bc.

U need to create a group and become admin of the group to pay robux..

Can you sell items on Roblox without BC?

You do not need to be a BC member to buy a limited or unique limited item, but only BC members may resell them. BC members also have the option to create their own unique avatar items and sell them for any sale price (in Robux or tickets).

How much Robux can you get with $25?

For 5 dollars, one can get 400 Robux, for 10 dollars one can get 800 Robux, for 25 dollars one can get 2000 Robux.

Can you delete Gamepasses on Roblox?

Steps to Reproduce Click on “Inventory”. Scroll down until you find a button called “Game Passes”. Click it. Find a random game pass and try to delete it.

How can I get my Robux back?

At this time, there is not a way to get Robux back once you have made a purchase or a way to delete an item made by Roblox once it is owned. We recommend you to use our Try it On Feature before completing your purchase.

Where are my Robux?

From a BrowserBe logged into the account where the Robux were bought.Tap the Robux icon in the upper right of the browser window.Tap your Robux value.View your Currency Purchase over the Past Day, Week, Month, Year on the Summary tab.View how the Robux were spent on the My Transactions tab.

How long does it take for Robux to show up?

There is a new policy update in roblox in which there is a 3 day waiting period before the robux will appear in the group funds.

Do you get Robux every month with premium?

Membership plans for Roblox Premium are categorized by how much monthly Robux they provide. Compared to Builders Club, all memberships share the same name and icons rather than having distinct ones, and Robux is provided once per month after each renewal date instead of gradually each day.

How do I convert credit to Robux?

Converting Remaining Credit to RobuxLogin to your Roblox account.Click the Gear in the upper right corner to navigate to your Settings page.Select the Billing Tab.Click the Convert To Robux button.You will receive a confirmation screen, click Redeem to complete the conversion.More items…

What item can be bought for R$ 10000 Roblox?

In Roblox, “Sparkle Happy Time Magic Flower Hat”could be purchased for R$ 10,000. In Roblox, “Robux” is the primary currency. The symbol of this currency is – R$. Sparkle Happy Time Magic Hat is a limited hat which was published in Roblox.

Can someone steal your Robux?

Hackers can also steal from players while on the Roblox platform. These scams commonly use pop-up ads promising free items, but instead of a new weapon or t-shirt, players get their Robux stolen or accounts hijacked.

Can you refund Gamepasses in Roblox?

If the game pass does not work, ROBLOX will refund you if you contact them (and they read it) within 3 days. You could probably make up a white lie for this, since they will not investigate the issue.

Can you sell t shirts on Roblox without BC?

Well, for starters, there’s no way you could sell shirts, t-shirts or pants without Roblox Premium, well, you may hire somebody to do that for you, but they must have subscribed to Roblox Premium. Roblox doesn’t allow selling T-Shirts without any membership.