Quick Answer: Why Do Lifeguards Walk Backwards?

Is being a lifeguard stressful?

Being a lifeguard can be stressful and boring at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love lifeguarding, but sometimes it can be stressful, especially because the lives of the patrons in that pool are in your hands..

How much does a lifeguard at the Olympics get paid?

The Olympic Club Lifeguard Hourly Pay Lifeguard salaries at The Olympic Club can range from $12-$13. This estimate is based upon 1 The Olympic Club Lifeguard salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

What do lifeguards do when someone is drowning?

Alert lifeguards; they’re trained to assist. Help from behind — When drowning people see a rescuer coming toward them, they clutch and pull them under the water. Approaching them from behind is safer for both the rescuer and the victim.

Can you be a fat lifeguard?

“If it’s a matter of my ability to perform my job, that’s one thing. If it’s aesthetics, you’re fat-shaming and size-shaming. And you’re being really rude, because fat people can do so much more than we think they can. Fat women have a right to lifeguard.”

How do I get a job as a lifeguard?

How to become a lifeguardDevelop swimming skills and physical fitness. Lifeguards need to be strong swimmers. … Enroll in a lifeguard certification training. Lifeguards need to be certified. … Search for jobs. Look for lifeguarding jobs at local pools, waterparks, beaches, aquatic centers and recreation departments.

Why do lifeguards wear red?

Safety yellow aids in promoting a team environment because lifeguards easily find their closest teammate for support when they need it most. Red is, and will probably always be, the stereotype for what people think lifeguards wear.

Do you have to be skinny to be a lifeguard?

Lifeguards are required to be capable of doing their job. As long as you can pass the swim requirement and demonstrate that you can perform all types of rescues at your facility, you can be a lifeguard. I’m not necessarily a “fit” dude.

Can girls be lifeguards?

There weren’t many women riding big waves at the time, so years went by without any women in the unit. Today there are only ten female lifeguards (out of about two hundred) in O’ahu’s Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division. New recruits are evaluated on their skills and placed where they’re needed.

Is being a lifeguard boring?

1) Lifeguarding is one of the most boring and stressful job ever. Sitting in a chair and staring attentively at water for hours a day is not anyone’s idea of fun, worthwhile work. Sometimes, you get stuck guarding a pool with only one person in it.

Why do lifeguards bob their head?

To be more clear about the scanning, the lifeguards must make it evident that they are looking at the area. The reason for the head “bob” is that you cannot see with just your peripheral vision and must directly move the eye to see blind spots — the biggest one is always directly at the guards’ feet.

How often do Lifeguards rescue?

Lifeguards assume a huge responsibility of keeping swimmers safe. According to the International Lifesaving Federation reports, certified lifesavers and lifeguards rescue over 1,000,000 lives each year.

How much do LA County lifeguards make?

Average County of Los Angeles Lifeguard hourly pay in the United States is approximately $19.53, which is 69% above the national average.

How much does a certified lifeguard make?

The average hourly pay for all lifeguards is around $9.25 per hour, but will vary by experience and location. Experienced beach lifeguards can earn $16 per hour or more.

What do female lifeguards wear?

In the beginning lifeguard agencies required the females to wear one piece lifeguard swimsuits, but now most female guards are allowed a choice between a one-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the X-Back Elite, or two-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the rescue bikini.

Are lifeguards attractive?

Lifeguards are fun to hook up with (in the Snack Shack), they’re attractive, their jobs put little stress on them so they are light-hearted and fun-loving, and they might be able to snag you some free Laffy Taffys (from the Snack Shack).

Is it hard to be a beach lifeguard?

Beach lifeguarding is so much more intense than pool lifeguarding. A lot of people like working at pools because they feel nervous on the beach. … Beaches are stricter about things like that, but you get to do more rescues, which is exciting. Training is also very intense.

What is the orange thing lifeguards carry?

The rescue buoy is a hollow plastic rescue flotation device. It is referred to also as a Torpedo Buoy, because of its shape; and is often called a “Torp” for short by lifeguards.

Why do lifeguards stand up?

Returning SRTs receive the same treatment during their annual re-certification. Therefore, when you see a lifeguard walking backwards it is because they have chosen to continue what was emphasized in Surf Rescue Academy although walking backwards off the beach is not required at the end of their shift.