What Is The Validity Of Airtel Top Up Recharge?

Why my incoming calls are not coming in Airtel?

Go to your phones call settings and disable fixed dialing setting.

Disable call barring setting.

Check Caller ID setting and make sure it is set to Show/Enabled.

If unable to receive calls from a specific mobile number only, check if your phone has a block list or block status feature..

Can I recharge my Airtel number before expiry?

You can recharge before the expiry of your current unlimited plan, validity will be increased in this case, as the recharged plan will come into effect only after expiry of your existing plan, this may be confirmed from my Airtel app, this is my personal experience.

How many days will Airtel work without recharge?

The telecom operator has reduced the incoming call validity for its prepaid customers who don’t have an active plan from fifteen to seven days. To elaborate, if your current prepaid plan has expired, you could previously receive calls for up to 15 days without needing another recharge.

What is a Topup?

noun top-up an amount added to something in order to raise it to or maintain it at a desired level. (as modifier)a top-up loan; a top-up policy.

What is the validity of Airtel 10 RS top up?

7.47 Talktime is the cheapest plan, priced at Rs. 10 with a validity of Lifetime. In UP EAST, Topup – Rs. 7.47 Talktime is the cheapest plan, priced at Rs….Airtel Top Up Plans & Offers Prepaid List.Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)Topup – Rs. 7.47 TalktimeN.A.10Topup – Rs. 14.95 TalktimeN.A.206 more rows

Which recharge is best for Airtel validity?

Airtel Rs 129 Recharge Plan For those who want more validity Airtel’s Rs 129 prepaid plan offers 24 days validity with similar benefits as the previous recharge. Subscribers get 1GB data, unlimited calling, free Hellotunes and subscription to Wynk Music and Airtel Xstream.

What is Topup recharge?

Top up is the form of prepaid recharge in which there is no any validity. It can be refilled once the existing top up account replenishes.

Can I recharge Rs 10 in Jio?

You will have the option to select a suitable IUC TOP-UP voucher starting at Rs 10, that can be used to make such non-Jio calls. … You also have the option to recharge with earlier packs for next 30 days by visiting jio.com. All Jio to Jio calls continue to be FREE.

How can I get 10 Rs in Airtel?

Airtel talktime loan code If the balance of your Airtel number is below Rs. 5, you can get a talktime loan from Airtel by dialing *141*10# or by calling 52141. You will get a talktime loan of Rs. 10 from Airtel.

How can I increase my incoming call validity in Airtel?

The minimum Airtel prepaid recharge plan is available for Rs 23 where you just get validity extension for 28 days. If you want talktime and data, you can recharge with Rs 35 prepaid plan. This gives you a talktime of Rs 26.66, and validity of 28 days.

Which recharge is best for Jio?

Jio Recharge Plan List 2020: New Jio Plans with 1.5GB 4G Daily Data, Up to 336 Days Validity OffersThe highest-priced Jio prepaid recharge plan with 1.5GB high-speed data per day is priced at Rs 2,121. … Call benefits include unlimited voice calls to Jio numbers and 12,000 minutes of voice calls to non-Jio numbers.More items…•